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search engine consulting

Search engines are your number one ally on the web and Touch Media can help you to work closely with them to increase your chances of a high ranking. We regard search engine placement as a key service to our customers and vital to your online success. If you are currently frustrated with the performance of your web site contact us today to see how to improve your ranking. Services we offer in this department include:

  • Planning sites beforehand for better search engine indexing
  • Auditing existing sites & recommending improvement strategies
  • Manual submission of sites to search engines for improved placement
  • Comprehensive reporting of search engine traffic
  • Pay-per-click consulting to help you achieve your goals efficiently

Does anyone know you're out there?

What's the use in having a nice brand new web site with no-one being able to find it? Surprisingly many designers still ignore the importance of creating a web site that is search engine friendly. Its all good and well having the worlds most impressive web site, but with no visitors it all becomes a little pointless. We design web sites that are as search engine friendly as possible without having to resort to any trickery. We've been doing it like this since we started. We quickly began to value the importance of this when our web sites were becoming more and more successful on the search engines and more people were approaching us to have their web sites re-designed.

We'll have no cheating here

We don't use tricks to get to a good search engine ranking. Just good, clean code and an excellent working knowledge of how search engines work. You've probably been called on the phone by someone telling you that they can get you guaranteed placement on the first page of the search engines - for a price. We know from experience that this is impossible and often these companies will 'take your money and run'! When it comes to search engines, honesty really is the best policy. If you do need to bolster your web site's ranking, it's probably wise to use one of the 'paid inclusion' or 'ad-words' methods offered by Google or Overture.

Understanding how search engines work

There is an easy way; leave it to us. We know what works and what doesn't. Many people have approached us in order to redesign their web sites to make them more search engine friendly and more manageable - the results speak from themselves. If you feel your web site isn't doing quite as well as it should, why not get in touch with us to see what we could do for you.